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3/4/2011 AACM Golf Tournament


There were many serious golfers out at Starfire Golf Club channeling their inner Phil Mickelson for the Annual AACM HOPE Grant Golf Tournament.

The Clean Cut team thought we would test out everyone's short game with a game of "fly south".  The goal was to take an 18" long wedge and try to chip a rubber ducky into a pool.

Although many thought it was impossible our fearless leader Linda Lang proved them all wrong as she stepped right up and sunk three ducks in a row without any previous practice.

We had one participant that wanted some business for his law firm and tried his best to launch the duckies into the neighbors' windows.  Fortunately he didn't make it that far.

Thanks to all of those we saw at hole 1 of the Squire course, we had a really great time.

2/23/2011 Sunshine Acres Cleanup Project


“When we arrived the first day to assess the grounds we found Sunshine Acres truly needed an overall clean up.  We pulled teams together and organized work groups to get the mowing done, trees trimmed, weeds pulled  and removed dead plants; we worked hard to ensure Sunshine Acres would have an inviting environment for their guests to enjoy” -John Nation.


A big thank you goes out to all the crews and family members who donated their time to make this happen!

Arizona, Sunshine Acres has been home to more than 1600 children. Founded by Rev. Jim and Vera Dingman, this faith mission has two basic principles; we never solicit money, or a board, or a brick and no child will ever be turned away for financial reasons.
Although the Sunshine Acres home is almost entirely funded by donations their focus is on the quality care of the children and not fundraising. Sunshine Acres does not solicit on their own behalf.  With a mission of providing a loving, wholesome, Christian home for children separated from their parents the team at Sunshine Acres strives to help these children establish long-term relationships with stable parental figures, preparing them for success in adult life.
...visit the Sunshine Acres website

2/18/2011 CAI- Mardi Gras

juggling_tallWe were treated to an awesome magic performance by Craig Davis at the CAI trade show held in downtown Glendale. 
Most people got sucked in by Craig's funny "blundered" card tricks.  From there they were blown away by his ability to read people's minds and make others read their friends' minds.  Don't forget those magical ropes and his mastery of juggling.  It was great to see so many coming back by either to see some more for themselves or to bring by a friend to witness it for themselves. Did anyone figure out how he does it?

Stop by our AACM booth this October to see some more from the amazing Craig Davis.  Who knows he might make a winner of you as our theme is "Visit Vegas in the Valley".