Why you need Tree Budgets

overgrown palo verde

Many Managers and Boards are simply not prepared for the costs associated with healthy maintenance of one of our most valued landscape assets.

Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure.  By preparing an annual tree trimming budget, communities will ensure the protection of their investment. One of the biggest misconceptions is that by deferring tree trimming there will be increased savings. Deferring tree trimming will result in higher costs in the future. For the healthy growth of trees, ISA tree trimming specs state you should never remove more than 25% to 30% of a tree at any one time when trimming over a one year period. Weakened trees, which tend to be more vulnerable to storm damage or disease, are one of the results of over pruning.

We typically provide a 3-5 year tree maintenance projection for our clients which involves a GIS inventory and catalog of species, size, and general conditions.  As we perform tree maintenance we record the work history and are best prepared for subsequent seasonal trimming for each and every tree in your community.  With our systematic approach, you can be confident that all trees are receiving appropriate attention.