Pre-emergence herbicides

Pre-emergence herbicides are used to control weeds before the weed seeds germinate. 

Here are a few important facts you need to know to effectively use them:

  • Pre-Emergent herbicides MUST have water to activate.  Only spray or spread product when rain is forecasted to fall within 15-30 days otherwise it will not be effective.
  • Many different products exist to prevent different weeds and have differing effective “life-spans”.
  • Generally it is recommended that pre-emergence be applied twice a year.
  • Pre-emergence only controls new weeds from making it past the “germination stage” and won’t kill existing weeds.  Those would need to be sprayed with a different herbicide.
  • All chemical pre-emergence products are less than 100% effective so plan on spot treatments afterwards. “Round-up” like products that are non-selective herbicides work best in most cases.
  • Make sure you hire someone properly licensed with the state's Office of Pest Management.

If you need assistance with weed control please contact us today.  We would be happy to spray pre-emergence in homes where we perform maintenance of the common areas or in areas nearby.  The typical HOA lot can be sprayed for about $150-$200 if timed properly.